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Make mental health a priority

Why West Michigan Mental Health


    Asking for help when you're struggling with a mental illness is hard enough. Finding the resources you need should be easy and readily available in one place. They are with West Michigan Mental Health.

    Remember... YOU matter and do not have to suffer alone.

Next steps in the website build

West Michigan Mental Health continues to move forward! Below is a look at where
we stand and where we are going! (Updated January 21, 2023)

Continue to make website more accessable to all by increasing readability throughout (Under way but progressing nicely!)

Continue data collection to build Local Resources pages (BIG push throughout January 2023... our website continues to grow! Have you checked lately?

Distribution of additional marketing materials. (BIG push coming Feb. 1, 2023)

For the time being, updates and changes to the website will occur on nearly a daily basis. Keep an eye on our Facebook page at West Michigan Mental Health for more information!

About our founder

Like so many, the COVID pandemic completely turned my world upside down. Left without a job, I headed back to college, ultimately receiving a degree in website development and computer informations systems. The question was, how can I put a previously acquired psychology degree and a web development degree to use? The answer was West Michigan Mental Health.

The idea for West Michigan Mental Health came out of necessity. Originally diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder as a child, I was 33-years-old and in need of a new therapist and educational resources about intrusive thoughts. Four Google searches later and I was no closer to finding either. My only thought was that there had to be a better way. Today, I believe there is... West Michigan Mental Health.

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Statement of Purpose:

West Michigan Mental Health was created to make the connection process between West Michigan's mental health resources and local patients as easy as possible. Created to be a one-stop shop, local patients can find all the information they need to meet their mental health needs in one location, so they get the treatment they need faster and more conveniently.

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West Michigan Mental Health's vision is to create an easy-to-use website that provides West Michigan residents with the resources needed to treat mental illness.